Register your own location and become a part of the movie industry! 


Do you want to experience and be part of an extraordinary atmosphere of film making in Slovakia? 


Share photos of your location with us! It can be a: house, apartment, cottage, storemarketplace, restaurant, bar, vineyards, and other interior or exterior locations that can be included in our future projects. 


When you wish to share your photos with us, do not forget to attach your personal information: address of the location, size of the location, telephone contact info, email, and point of contact.


*Help how to properly take a picture of a location – Image

How to do it?

*Send us your photos through a sharable URL link on or

*Then your photos will be registered in our database and we will offer your locations for future projects. 

*Photos of your locations are exclusively used for film industry opportunities. Photos’ goal is to present the location for possible future projects. 

(*Don’t forget: sent photos should be saved in a folder that includes your contact information: address, name, phone number, and email.)