Personal Data Protection

  1. By accepting personal data to be processed and uploading forms on filmlocations.skyou agree to the customization of your personal information in accordance with act no. 18/2018 concerning personal data protection and Film Location Services’ ability to contact you through electric or different means of communication (telephone, text messages, etc.) with the aim of answering your demands, sending contracts, collecting personal data for visitors’ frequency tracking and contacting customers through personal questionnaires.
  2. Employer’s ID info: Film location managers s.r.o. , Pražšká 27, Bratislava 811 04, Self-Employment Registration Number: 50262050
  3. Solely Film Location Servicesis entitled to receive your personal data and we do not provide any info regarding the personal data to third persons.
  4. At any time, you can revoke the agreement concerning personal data usage by sending us a request to
  5. Film Location Services does not publish the acquired personal data of its customers.
  6. Personal data is not saved in any database. Your personal information is only used while sending responses to your queries.